Should Society 5.0 Fight or Embrace Industry 4.0?

TOKYO — For a year, unmanned aerial vehicles planted, cultivated, and have recently harvested wheat in a field of one hectare in the UK. They didn’t get any help doing all this. Around the same time, the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s last book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions” (John Murray, 2018) was published …


KNOT  ノット — where mass customization at affordable price is the norm What’s the fuss? Knot is a high quality, customized and Japan made watch brand sold at a fraction of the stuff that the Swiss and other watchmaker giants that it is inspired by produces. (Not to mention the excellent Japanese customer care to …


“…because Japan is the global imagination’s default setting for the future.” — William Gibson, science fiction writer who coined terms like “cyberspace” and “matrix”, 2001   As a researcher-turned-journalist, I have always been intrigued by Japan. I first came to this country in 1993 as a graduate student, and later worked here as a market …

Child Marriage Key Concepts and Glossary

By Selen DOĞAN Abortion: The removal of a foetus with surgical operation in case of an unwanted pregnancy or if the mother’s health is in danger. Women who get pregnant at an early age face a greater risk of injury or death. Adolescence: The transitional period from childhood to adulthood; a period in which children …


COURAGE, JOY, ENLIGHTENMENT ON THE ROOF OF THE WORLD: LADAKH Neighbouring China on the east and Pakistan in the west, Ladakh in northern India is at the crossroads of not one, but three great religions: Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Surrounded by the Himalayas and the Karakoram, this ancient stop on Silk Route is a mountain desert and the highest habitable …


In “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, the main character (played genuinely well by Ben Stiller) goes in search of a missing negative sent by the famous photographer Sean O’Connell (short but superb performance by Sean Penn), which will eventually become the cover of the last ever issue of Life magazine before it goes out of print. His journey takes him through rough seas of Iceland all the way to ungoverned corners of Afghanistan and, finally, the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Little does Walter know that he is in fact looking the meaning of his life, not that of the magazine.

Cover Picture: draumuriceland

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