KNOT  ノット — where mass customization at affordable price is the norm

What’s the fuss? Knot is a high quality, customized and Japan made watch brand sold at a fraction of the stuff that the Swiss and other watchmaker giants that it is inspired by produces. (Not to mention the excellent Japanese customer care to go with it). Sounds impossible? Maybe, but read on.

How do they do it? Everyone working for and/or wearing Knot is crazy about their own customized watch, but don’t want to pay the hefty price. And we’re talking about high quality watches, not the (not so cheap) plastic Swatch or anything. Cutting out the usual intermediaries in manufacturing means you get a unique piece of craftsmanship at a third of the usual price — 15,000 yen, to be exact. You also have a free ride on design, because at the moment, Knot knocks off 7000 different combinations of straps and casings you can use to create your own watch. Bored with your watch after a while?  Just reuse, replace or recycle the strap/casing to create a new combo. Planet is happy. You are happy.

“premium wrist-wear only for yourself”; “the watch that connects”

What to “watch” and learn from Knot:

genuine — the maker’s watch; individual craftsmen and women putting together the watch; fingertip artistry

connectivity — the hands of the creator (of the watch) and the user becoming one; becoming one with nature – spring water used for tanning; materials from rural areas* collaborating with technology

personalized — ultimate customization; new experiences; fun to put together

made-in-Japan quality — (need we say more?)

affordable —  priced at 15,000 yen as opposed to the approximately 50,000 yen for the comparable other brand

craftsmanship —  no short-cuts; month-long “tanning” of the hide used in straps; 10-years to master zaratsu polishing of the watch casings; straps from umbrella material and kumihomo traditional braids made from 607 handmade dye silk threads of vibrant colors favored by the samurai as sword decoration

Knot MAGAZINE —  creating a complete lifestyle concept for Knot cultists, with music and movie recommendations handpicked by the staff; style recommendations matching watches with different occasions, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.12.08 PM

*MUSUBU Partners include:

Hayashi Seiki metalworking factory, Fukushima

Tochigi Leather

Showen Kumihomo braids, Kyoto

Selectra watch factory, Akita

Makita Shoten umbrella makers, Yamanashi (est. 1866)

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.21.06 PM


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