Also known as “Little Tibet”, Ladakh is nestled between Kunlun mountain range and the Great Himalayas in Indus Valley in northwestern India. This magical Buddhist ex-kingdom is  home to jagged mountain passes and the world’s highest-altitude café. Make your own dream adventure pilgrimage.

– Epic trekking and camping through the Himalayas with their grand views

– World’s highest motorable mountain pass

– Traditional Buddhist monasteries like Hemis, Spituk and Thiksey spectacularly perched on the summit of sugarloaf mountains

– Meditation amid vast quietness of the arid landscape with its prayer flag-strewn passes and the sparkling high-altitude lake Pangong

Make sure your stay coincides with the famous masked-dance Hemis Festival, which has changed little in 500 years, and takes place in the beginning of July in 2014.


ladakh ladakh2

ladakh3 ladakh6

pictures via Lonely Planet

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